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Just having eyeglasses isn’t enough. They should be giving you outstanding vision and be comfortable enough so that you are having a positive experience with them. These are things we believe in deeply here at Optometry Store: Dr. Tania Stevens. That’s why we have a commitment to well-fitted glasses and up to date optical prescriptions.

Nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism are all related to the shape and curve of your corneas. And as the shape of them changes, your vision issues will get more acute. Unfortunately, vision changes seem to go in only one direction: worse. You may be fortunate to have the same eyeglasses prescription for several years and not need any adjustments. Or you might need to have the updated after just a single year. There is no way to predict that, which is why it is so essential for you to visit our Long Beach eye doctor once per year. An outdated prescription is not adequate. More to the point, you could be better off without any corrective lenses at all rather than to have the wrong prescription. And if you need your eyeglasses to drive, for example, having eyeglasses that are not matching your needs could be dangerous. Our Long Beach eye doctor also wants you to be aware that the way your glasses fit makes a difference. For one thing, if they are not comfortable; if they pinch your nose, dig into your ears, or are frustrating you by falling off your face, you’re going to probably look for excuses to not wear them. Furthermore, you get the most of your prescription when your glasses are ideally centered.

While it’s on your mind, this would be a great time to reach out to our office and schedule an eye examination with our Long Beach eye doctor. Make sure that your glasses are giving you all they can.

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