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Optical prescriptions in Long Beach

Not every optical shop and optometrist is the same and choosing one solely on their selection of designer frames or price may be a mistake. While price and frame selection are important and certainly a high priority optometrist practice of Dr. Tania Stevens, OD the emphasis of our Long Beach eye doctor is to protect, preserve and enhance the vision of every member of your family. Our practice specializes in the special vision needs of each different stage of life from pediatric optometry through the special eye care needs of older seniors.

The most important aspect of all the services we provide and the vision correction products we prescribe and sell is the eye examination. Our Long Beach eye doctor office is equipped with the latest in optical diagnostic equipment and cutting edge technology that allows our doctor to see directly into your eyes all the way to the back so that she see all of the eye’s structures. State-of-the-art imaging technology allows us to photograph the workings of the eye. The comprehensive eye exam uses a slit lamp and dilated examination and refraction so our doctor can measure the patient’s visual acuity and accurately prescribe any vision correction. Getting the precise prescription that is right for each patient is the most important part of an eye care provider’s job. The proper strength lenses in the right combination and orientation are what allow our patients to see with optimal clarity. Repeating the examination at regular intervals, depending on their age and health factors allows us to make sure that their vision stays excellent. For those patients who are interested in contact lenses our examination goes further and our doctor will measure the size of the eye as well as the curvature of the cornea for both eyes in order to fit the lenses correctly.

Our optical staff will also help you pick the frames and lenses that best suit your prescription as well as taste, fit your face and your budget from our large selection of designer frames. Our staff will ensure that the lenses in your glasses are exactly as prescribed by our Long Beach eye doctor and that they fit your eyes correctly. The comprehensive eye examination also detects and diagnoses any current or developing eye diseases such as glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and cataracts among others. These devastating diseases can cause blindness but often exhibit no symptoms so, an annual eye examination is the only way to detect these diseases early when they are easier to treat before they cause permanent vision damage. Don’t trust your family’s eyesight to just any optometry store call our office for an appointment.

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