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Long Beach Eyeglasses

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It’s not difficult to get the right eyeglass prescription, but you do need to have confidence in both your eye doctor and optician. We have worked hard to earn and maintain our reputation here at Optometry Store: Dr. Tania Stevens, and you can depend on us to make certain that our Long Beach eyeglasses represent the very best vision you can achieve.

The first key to getting the right eyeglass prescription is having a yearly eye exam at our office. This should be done even if you think that your vision is adequate right now. Vision needs evolve over time, and the chances are so gradual that you tend to get used to sub-par vision without even realizing it. Even okay vision can be improved significantly with our Long Beach eyeglasses. Why not have optimal sharpness and clarity? Our eye doctor performs various tests in order to determine the prescription that is most appropriate for your needs, whether that is to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, presbyopia, or any combination of them. But getting the prescription is just half the job. The other half is putting it into a pair of lenses accurately. Our optical department is just as dependable as our eye doctor is, and working together, you are assured of the ideal pair of our Long Island eyeglasses. Add to that our commitment to offering a wide selection of attractive designer frames, and fitting your glasses to your face so that you have maximum comfort, and what you get is a total positive experience.

It’s all too easy to let time go by without getting your eye checked. Don’t let that happen to you. Reach out to our office now and schedule your next visit. Get the right prescription for your vision inside the lenses you need, and housed by the frames you want.

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