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Dry Eyes in Long Beach

It’s no fun to have discomfort or vision issues caused by dry eyes, so turn to us at Optometry Store: Dr. Tania Stevens for the solution to your problem. It’s part of our total eye care.

The primary cause of dry eyes is that you are not producing enough tears, or the tears that you make are simply not of sufficient quality to do the job properly. Environmental and lifestyle factors play a role, too. A good example is exposure to tobacco smoke, regardless of whether it’s your own or second hand. Wind is also a problem. And any dryness in the atmosphere, whether outdoors or indoors, is going to contribute. The good news is that there are no long term implications of dry eyes in most cases. The only exception is if your tear ducts are defective, in which case surgery might be necessary. Otherwise, your difficulties are largely temporary. This doesn’t mean, though, that you should simply put up with them. Come to our Long Beach optometry office for an examination and evaluation, which may include special tests that measure the quality and quantity of your tears. The simplest and most effective way to treat dry eyes is with artificial tears. They can be picked up over-the-counter from nearly any drug store and even some supermarkets. If you have ¬†particularly challenging case of dry eyes, our Long Beach optometry office is pleased to provide a prescription for a stronger version of artificial tears. Both types are applied in eye drop form. You should also avoid smoke and wear sunglasses or eyeglasses outside on windy days. If the air in your home is dry, a humidifier may also be a good idea.

Visit our Long Beach optometry office to deal with dry eyes. Reach out to us right now to schedule an appointment.

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